Sun, 10 Jul 2016 19:00 19:00

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(25-31 mph) Strong breeze

700e A
4 flights
Avg. flight time 00:05:00
Radio related

Wind dropped slightly, went out to get some practice. Started doing some really nice stuff. Eventually piro tictocs got away from me, so I let the sticks go and hit rescue. Apparently not in time. Heli made a decent hole in the ground. Ah well, time to take a break.


Waveydavey on Mon, 11 Jul 2016 18:39
Got a 550e you can borrow if you're in between repairs Rich. It's flying nicely but not selling :-)
RichardV on Wed, 13 Jul 2016 09:25
That's a pity, I still rate that heli.

I've storage charged all the batts and finally moved the wreckage from the car to the workbench, so I'll strip it down tonight. The plan is to get the some bits delivered on Friday, start the rebuild on Saturday and then maybe go through to Midland in the afternoon in case I need anything. Should be flying by Sunday.
Waveydavey on Wed, 13 Jul 2016 21:32
Bring it up the club and we'll get it back together in no time Rich
RichardV on Thu, 14 Jul 2016 07:32
The bits will be here on Friday. I think I got off quite lightly. If the build goes well on Friday night, I'll see you on Saturday.
I'll bring some 550 spares and a 700N boom that I have no use for.
Waveydavey on Sun, 17 Jul 2016 16:48
Cheers Rich. Flew the 700 on V bar and 3 flights not feeling it and it started to come to life. Not confident at all flying for some reason feels strange but I haven't flown much so not surprising really.

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