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Lutterworth, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

The Central Model Helicopter Club was formed in January 2014. The CMHC aims to promote and develop model helicopter flying in central England. A group of helicopter flyers decided to take their knowledge base and resources to a full size venue to enable them to work collaborately with their full size counterparts.

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Sat, 8 Jul 2017
12 flights
A long morning doing BMFA tests at CMHC. Then through to MK for some SM and FS practice. Got to watch Duncan doing his prep for the World Champs and pick up some tips from him and Wayne. DavidS and I did some practice calling together. Hopefully we can make it a regular thing.
Mike put his Goblin in the big tree (again?) He managed to knock the body out but the canopy and boom are still up there.
Home at 8 for F1 qualifying.
Sat, 8 Jul 2017
Gary Townsend
3 flights
Had a really nice time with beautiful sunshine. Only a few flights today, as mostly enjoying watching a few of the guys passing their A and B Certs which was really nice to see.

Hello Richard for the first time in over a year, nice to see you again mate 👍
Sat, 10 Jun 2017
Gary Townsend
3 flights
A bit too windy for the 450X and 360 CFX. The Logo flew quite nicely though. It was just nice to be outside and chat with some of the lads.
Sat, 20 May 2017
Gary Townsend
5 flights
1st session in over a year but I can still fly 😃

The 450X what can I say, the same good little heli which is always a joy to fly. I flew this 1st just to warm up.

The Blade 360 CFX has loads of power, almost no bogging in tight tic tocs, and overall a great Maiden flight. Silly me, I forgot to Velcro the batteries before I left out, but thankfully Phil had a small piece which I used on one of my packs. It feels like almost double the power of the 450X when you bang the collective, very nice indeed and I'm very happy with it. I wasn't going to mention it but it's true that Horizon provide the same 2 blade foam support that pegs onto the boom as you get with the 450X, proper stupid considering this is a three bladed heli. Anyway I'm simply supporting the middle blade (when they're all folded back) out of the 3 by using one of the slots in the support, and then using a Mikado battery strap to gently tie them all together which actually works very well.

I finished with two flights on the Logo which was super smooth as always, which for that reason probably makes it my favourite, at least for now. I just changed the swash after noticing the last time I landed (spring last year) that the middle section was coming away from the outer swash body. Anyway all is good, but even though the old swash looked pretty dodgy I honestly couldn't tell any difference, it just flies great.

Next the rain came so we all packed up. Overall a very nice morning.
Sun, 7 May 2017
1 flights
Sat, 6 May 2017
11 flights
Had a bit of a chinwag with Martin, Max, Neale and Ewan in the morning. The rain stopped for a bit and I got a few flights in before it came back and we packed up. Met Andrej later and we had a few flights at LMAC in the light drizzle.
I did have one weird thing happen with the VBC though. At one point it completely froze during switch on, with the Mikado logo showing. It wasn't responding to any inputs so I couldn't turn it off. I was about to open it up to disconnect the battery when I remembered the reset hole in the back. Pressed it with a bit of wire and it restarted fine. It all seems OK now and I didn't lose any information.
Mon, 2 Jan 2017
11 flights
Decided to try CMHC in the morning. Nice to see everyone again but flying with the sun in the wrong place isn't very easy.

Went for lunch and then went on to LMAC. Was on my own for a few hours, but what a pleasure flying with the sun from behind and a having a heated shed to hide in.

Sat, 29 Oct 2016
8 flights
Late start and facing an early return for a Halloween party, I decided to skip the long drive to MK. Went to Central instead and had some good flying with the guys once the drizzle stopped. Forecast was for sun all day, but it turned out to be heavily overcast and frikkin' spiders dropping on everything. The charging table was covered and occasionally they would walk across your face while flying. Eventually had enough of the little ba*ds, and went home for lunch.
Sat, 24 Sep 2016
7 flights
Met Colin for a early start. Pretty windy but nice to get out. Mark, Max and Dave arrived later and I finished before 12 to go to MK.
Sun, 26 Jun 2016
4 flights
Went to check out the F3N comp going on near me. Didn't fly in this one, just took lots of notes around the more difficult set manoeuvres.

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