Trex 600N

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2013 Align T-REX 600N DFC

Main: Align 600 3G Carbon Fibre, Tail: Align 95mm Carbon Fibre
Cyclic: Align DS615 @5.8V, Tail: Align DS655 @5.8V, Throttle: Align DS655 @5.8V
OS 55 HZ HYPER with RJX 55 muffler and OS #8 plug
Align B6T
Gens Ace 1800mAh 7.4V
Optifuel 20%
Align 3GX
Spektrum AR8000 + 1 Satellite + TM1000 telemetry

- CSM CarbSmart, MOAS clunk and quick release canopy
- Pinion 20T
- Weight without battery and fuel: 3441g

0 flights, 00:00:00 flying time

0 flights, 00:00:00 flying time

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