Synergy E7SE

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Michael Parker


Synergy Helicopters


Cyclone 715's
Xpert 4401's
Nick Maxwell Edition Scorpion 4035
Castle Creations 120A
Receiver pack
Evo Power 4400mAh 12s
VBar silver line Pro
Spektrum AR7000

This is my first 700 helicopter and first synergy. And it won't be my last.

2 flights, 00:11:30 flying time

2 flights, 00:11:30 flying time

Flights by Month


Wed, 22 Mar 2017 18:30
Uncle's House.
1 flights
Good flight. A little cold and very windy. I flew some mild 3D and it was solid!
Mon, 20 Mar 2017 17:05
Uncle's House.
1 flights
Practiced some tic tocs and some speed passes on the 180. The E7SE, I flew it for the first time this year and since the crash at HOD. I still need work done on the tail but it did great for what I did to it today.

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