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The helicopter should perform a succession of Aileron Rolling Loops. Each loop should contain half a loop of left aileron rolls and half a loop of right aileron rolls. The roll direction should be the same on every loop made, so if the first half of the first loop uses left aileron, the first half of all loops must use left aileron. The axis of each loop should be rotated by at least 30 degrees for each loop at the bottom crossover point until an imaginary ball in the sky has been defined. The entry to and exit from the manoeuvre should be on the same side of the ball but with the helicopter moving in the opposite direction. The Manoeuvre should consist of at least 4 rolling loops to build the ball with each loop containing at least 4 rolls (minimum of 2 in each roll direction). It should be centered on the flight line and show good round shape with consistent speed through the loops.

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