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Quarter To Eight

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Model will describe a vertical figure of eight while performing aileron tic-tocs all the way around the manoeuvre. Model enters in upright forward flight and performs a quarter roll to knife edge tic-tocs. Model then performs a half tic-toc loop with the nose of the model leading the way. On the top of the loop (half way through the vertical figure eight) the model performs a half pirouette, and then continues upwards with another half tic-toc loop with the tail leading the way. On reaching the top of the figure eight, the model performs a half roll. It completes the upper tic-toc loop with the tail in the flight direction. At the half way point of the figure eight descent, the model performs another half pirouette and completes the lower tic-toc loop with the nose in the flight direction. Model exits in upright forward flight. During the manoeuvre the longitudinal axis of the model should always follow the flight path. The manoeuvre shold be symmetrical and positioned about the centreline. There should be the same number of tic tocs in each quarter of the manoeuvre.

3D Championship / Expert

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