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2 Flown circuits in the shape of a figure 8, with a half roll or flip at the crossover. A nice move for practicing transitions, also very good for making sure you have all orientations covered for things like rolling/flipping circuits.

PPP Version:
With the model in a tail-in hover, execute a mobius with left rudder while maintaining altitude and minimizing lateral drift. The model must complete 1 full pirouette for every full mobius completed. A mobius can be thought of as a half-pirouetting flip that has been stretched out. Alternately, it appears as a Figure 8 with one half performed inverted and a transition to upright for the second half that is executed at the center.
Repeat with right pirouettes. A left-pirouetting maneuver requires a clockwise cyclic stir, whereas a right-pirouetting maneuver requires a counter-clockwise stir.

Intermediate / RCHN PPP Level 6 / Smack Basics





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