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Rolling Pirouetting Peak

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The helicopter enters in upright forward flight. At the center line it performs a 45° pulled flip and enters to a 45° ascent of at least 10 meters length.It performs evenly a 180° axial roll.After a pushed 90° flip it climbs for another 10 meters at 45° back to the center line. A 180° axial roll is flown. At the upper point at center , it performs a 90° pulled flip. It descend under 45° with a 180° axial roll to a 90° pushed flip and a final 45° descend back to the center line, also with a 180° axial roll. The last flip of this maneuver is a 45° pulled flip. The helicopter performs during the 90° flips a 360° pirouette. The distance between the flips and the axial rolls should be at least one length of the helicopter.

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