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31 flights
27 days
Fri, 23 Jun 2017
Too low on Blade 180CFX
I had a very bad day at HOD. Nothing was going right. My nitro clutch went out, one of my 180's ESC was shorting out, I blew up a brand new inverter. And to top it all off, that speed up gear was way too fast on the tail. Causing the heli to fly unstable and sounding really pissed off. I got too low in a full speed funnel and plowed it into the ground. I bent the boom almost 90 degrees without kinking it. It was a perfect bend. Tail shaft bent, broke one tail boom support rod, and that's all I found so far. Not a good day for me... :(
14 flights
15 days
Thu, 8 Jun 2017
Too low on Blade 180CFX
Got it flying again but it had a very bad, slow tail wag. Trying to get it out but couldn't figure it out. I flew it last flight and was hovering inverted and very low for a long time in the flight. I wanted to cut grass but when I got low enough, it got sucked in. I picked it up and flew it again but my main gear was stripped and my main shaft was bent so it didn't fly well, but the tail wag was gone...What!?!?!?
3 flights
3 days
Sun, 4 Jun 2017
Too low on Blade 180CFX
Dang fence!!! One link broke and I gotta recenter one servo.
4 flights
10 days
Thu, 25 May 2017
Dumb thumb on Blade 180CFX
Was practicing some F3C maneuvers when I completely drove my heli in when I applied positive when I should have applied negative. Whoops. I did break parts, cracked the main shaft, and a few other small things. I did fly it after the crash but it didn't fly well after. So I will consider this a crash.
1 flights
2 days
Mon, 22 May 2017
Mechanical on Synergy E7SE
Flew two good flights on my 180. Last flight, I blew out the tail and it fell hard on the ground. Luckily, no damage and I finished that flight. However, the E7SE wasn't so lucky... For months now, I've been trying to get the tail adjusted right but every time I get something worked out or close, something else would pop up. I was switching through my banks on the Vbar to see what setting seemed better, but when I lightly used the tail and flipped it inverted, the tail blew out and it was uncontrollable. I hit throttle hold and was able to push the heli away from me and lay it as flat as I could get it. The damage... Canopy is shot, one main blade, and about $100 in parts. Not so bad. However, my brand new Glaciers were ejected into the canopy, compromising the packs. If you felt the ground shake that day, it was me. I looked at the V-Log to see that my tail sensor has completely failed and currently isn't working. So that was a costly $550 crash. And that doesn't include the Vbar. Not a fun day...
51 flights
29 days
Sun, 23 Apr 2017
Mechanical on Blade 200QX
A good day of flying at home. I did crash the 200QX as the gyro did something and flew straight into the ground. A little glue and it'll be flying again. I also crashed the 180 into a tree but I picked it up and finished my flight. No broken parts so I am not counting it as a crash. I am catching up to you, RichardV!!! Haha.
16 flights
6 days
Mon, 17 Apr 2017
Mechanical on Blade 180CFX
Had an interesting day today. Had a servo jam up in the first flight and it crashed due to that. But the only damage was just a set of skids. The other flights were good. I practiced some orientation maneuvers like tail in side flight, nose in side flight, up right and inverted pirouetting.
36 flights
14 days
Sun, 2 Apr 2017
Orientation on Blade 200QX
I was flying in agility mode when I flipped the quad and the motors reversed. It startled me and I loss my orientation. So I hit throttle hold and watched it fall to the ground. I could have saved it but throttle hold if the first thing I go for so... whoops. Only cracked one arm. The same one from the last crash. BRING OUT THE RESIN!!!
1 flights
3 days
Thu, 30 Mar 2017
Dumb thumb on Blade 180CFX
Ok flight at home but the second flight was on my way home from work when I stopped at an empty lit parking lot and flew it. The wind was strong so it was very hard to fly. I did a flip at one point and the wind caught the disc and blew it straight to me. I hit TH and the heli bounced off of me. Close call. Only light damage.
5 flights
2 days
Mon, 27 Mar 2017
Mechanical on Blade 180CFX
A good day of flying. Though on my 3rd 180CFX flight, I had a link pop off in flight and the heli shook and the crashed. I only had to replace skids, one tail boom support rod, and the links. Then I was back in the air!
23 flights
8 days
Sun, 19 Mar 2017
Dumb thumb on Blade 200QX
Flew my 200QX like crazy today. Reversing the motors and flying 3D is just awesome! The last flight, however, I got my reversing mixed up and actually reversed the motors to the wrong direction and caused the quad to be thrust to the ground. It did break but I'm fixing it.
25 flights
35 days
Sun, 12 Feb 2017
Mechanical on Blade 180CFX
Crashed as a servo died and the heli pitched forward with full negative pitch. I throttle held and watched it fall. Only damage was the feathering shaft, main shaft, thrust bearings, bottom plate, and of course, the servo.
7 flights
11 days
Wed, 1 Feb 2017

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