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Fri, 26 May 2017
Battery/fuel/power on 700e B
The morning session was mostly about setting the B up and doing a few routines until a receiver pack wire fatigued and departed from the connector. I salvaged the vertical fin and main gear to fix the A, so flew that for the after lunch session. Considerably windier in the afternoon, didn't stay too long. I'm going to look for another airframe for the B as spares seem to be very expensive.
I'm loving the iCharger at the moment. Lots of information on that colour screen including cell/line IR's. Interesting stuff trying consolidate those figures with how the pack performs.
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42 days
Fri, 14 Apr 2017
Too low on 700e A
Windy, cloudy and cold. Lots of auto practice, until I ran out of HS doing an auto loop. Bailed out, but wasn't going to make it so went back into TH and let it go in. Broke a blade and dented the boom, but the rest looks OK. Will service it tonight, ready for tomorrow.
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136 days
Mon, 28 Nov 2016
Dumb thumb on 700e B
Bugger! Was on the 5th pack during a lunchtime session with a fairly strong wind from behind, and I got the timing wrong and the wind just hammered it into the ground.
Defo the worst crash I've had on a 700. I've never had a frame go before and I've never seen a 700 mainshaft bent, and this has both plus all the usual stuff. Even my Opti 50 pack got a bit squashed. It basically needs everything, so it'll be cheaper to find another airframe.
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103 days
Tue, 16 Aug 2016
Mechanical on 700e A
Was enjoying the sunshine along with a few fixies. 3rd flight and the cyclic stops responding. Nothing I could do, just hit TH and watched it go in.
A pushrod on the head was off and the link was split, and there was nothing in the logs. All the servos still work, so it must have been the link splitting. I only replaced those 2 weeks ago and they passed the pre session check, so it must have just broken.
Nothing I could have done any different, I'll just have to accept it happens. I don't have any spares so it'll be expensive this time.
94 flights
17 days
Sat, 30 Jul 2016
Radio related on 700e A
Arrived super early. My genny wouldn't start due to low oil, so I had a drive around looking for a garage.
Everything was going so well, really enjoying the day, loads of flights and talking rubbish. Eventually a reversing chaos got away from me. I had easily enough height to stop and regain control, but I thought I'd take the easy route and hit the rescue. Cue a tail slide into the ground. WTF?
The log doesn't show much, some raised vibration levels, Bailout Start, and me activating throttle hold after the hit.
Basically 2 crashes in 1 month due to me using rescue when I could have easily saved it normally. I think it gives a false sense of security, so I will be removing mine.
The damage isn't too bad, mostly to the tail, and there are the usual summer discounts on this weekend, so hopefully should be back by next weekend.
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19 days
Sun, 10 Jul 2016
Radio related on 700e A
Wind dropped slightly, went out to get some practice. Started doing some really nice stuff. Eventually piro tictocs got away from me, so I let the sticks go and hit rescue. Apparently not in time. Heli made a decent hole in the ground. Ah well, time to take a break.
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91 days
Sun, 10 Apr 2016
Mechanical on 700e A
Went out early with Dean to the Corby club. Got some good flights practising for F3N, but then I had a mechanical failure. One of the balls on a servo arm unscrewed itself. I guess the crash a few weeks ago loosened the loctite and the ball just worked its way out. Lots of broken bits, can't be arsed to figure it all out just yet.

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28 days
Sat, 12 Mar 2016
Too low on 700e A
Jeez, a hard day, just starting to feel better about it now.

Forecast was for the best weekend of the year. Arrived at 9, sat reading in the car until the fog lifted. Started getting a few really nice flights in, and then I ploughed the 700. I think it was blade stall running the lower headspeed as I was coming out of a loop, but a few people said it looked like I saved it and then it dropped again, so I don't know for certain what happened.

It normally takes me at least a week to get things back to flying, 2 or 3 orders from various places and a little personal time to get over a crash, but the guys at MK were incredible, Andy and Dean offering parts off their own helicopters and Dave rebuilding it for me. He had it stripped down in half an hour and made a list of parts. I did a 2 hour trip to Midlands and by the time I got back, he'd cleaned all the parts, ready for putting back. He then rebuilt it and we had it flying before the end of the day. Unbelievable. He makes me laugh though. Absolutely refuses to use pliers on a nut, it has to be a spanner.

Got to watch Duncan fly at the end of the day. The heli just seems so locked (I hate that word, but appropriate in this case). He'll do some hard stop based moves and the heli will just stop, no wobble. His headspeed is just so consistent as well, just perfectly set up. I need to get my heli there. I get nervous flying the higher HS, all that energy just waiting to go wrong but it has to be done.

So, already feeling better about the whole thing, about to go out and get some flying in and sort my head out.
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7 days
Sat, 5 Mar 2016
Dumb thumb on 550e VBar
Terrible forecast of wind, cold and rain, but it didn't seem too bad when I got there.
Had some good flights before the cold wind got too much and I stopped enjoying it. Eventually had a tipover on an auto resulted in broken blades and some stripped servos. The 550 needs a service anyway with the main gear practically worn out.
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56 days
Sat, 9 Jan 2016
Mechanical on 550e VBar
Got here at 8, hoping to beat the rain. I didn't. Sitting doing sim on my own, so sad :) The rain seems to be clearing, so hopefully will get a few flights in.
Rain stopped around 10. Flew the 550 loads as there was still a bit of drizzle coming down. Eventually I had an engine failure, managed to get it down without any damage, thanks to the opti-guard. The connector on the ESC had desoldered. It's had 100s of flights, so maybe corrosion or worn connectors generating heat. Either way, I'll replace the connectors instead of just resoldering them.
Flew the 700 for a bunch of flights, but the charger wasn't keeping up. Need to get a 2nd charger, but too expensive with PSU.
Good flying though, practicing piro globes, vertical tictoc 8, FTM.
Update: Just got round to resoldering and cleaning, and noticed the blades are stuffed. Flagging as a crash.
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96 days
Sun, 4 Oct 2015
Mechanical on 550e VBar
Flew the 550 at first. After a few flights I lost drive down low and the head speed bled off. Put it down in the long grass with no HS. Looks like the OWB completely let go after all the tictocs. Skids and blades bust, the rest looks OK.

The 700 is flying nicely, had a good chat to AK again, picking up a few tips and confidence flying the thing.
Duncan's dad, Wayne, come over as well and told me the 700 has a buzz. What a nice guy. We had our first conversation for about 15 minutes and he suggested a couple of things I could do, as the buzz will damage the heli and something will break.

One of the younger members was throwing a 700 around like he's been flying his whole life, a bit depressing really, although I didn't actually enjoy his style. Flew the 700 a couple more times, but didn't want to push it, so went home in a good mood. Not a bad weekend.
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36 days
Sat, 29 Aug 2015
Orientation on Bill's 450x
Went to Central, nobody there, so went to LMAC. Flew the Yak until I lost all the prop savers. I buddy-boxed Bill for 1 flight on his 450 until he flew into the sun, lost it and I lost orientation as well, and it went in. Hit TH so saved the blades and boom,etc. Just a main gear and spindle, but I seem to be having a terrible run of luck lately.
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7 days
Sat, 22 Aug 2015
Dumb thumb on 550e Vx1n
Up early to find Gary already at the field. Blue skies and hot, damn bugs and spiders floating around. Got some really nice flights in before everyone else arrived. Put the other ESC with the new heatsink on and started testing it. It seems to work well. On one hard flight I had to land 1 minute early with low voltage and a warm pack, but no warning beeps from the ESC, so it does seem to work.
Took a lunch break and had a full english breakfast at the cafe. 2 More flights before I dumb thumbed it into the ground. I wasn't even doing anything difficult, and it was a few mistakes high. I must have fallen asleep with the heat and big lunch. It doesn't look too bad, mostly stuff I have, although the ESC is too damaged to use again. At least I know the heatsink works.

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41 days
Sat, 11 Jul 2015
Orientation on 550e VBar
Really nice session, even with the crash, lots of others out in the sun. I had the new genny going, so packs available. Just flew a lot and started getting back into things again. Last flight I was doing some flippy stuff away from myself and towards the sun and it just did something unexpected. Being low and a silhouette meant I had no chance of getting orientation back. Looks pretty bad, pack dead as well, could be expensive, but I feel pretty good about today. Going home to work on the other heli.
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33 days
Sun, 7 Jun 2015
Mechanical on 550e Vx1n
Took it easy initially as this was the repaired heli from last Sunday's thermal shutdown. By the fifth flight I was really starting to get into practice again and doing piro tictocs with the higher headspeed when it the ESC shut down again. Pretty low, so the same damage again, blades skids, couple of servos. Not sure what to do now. Better ESC, move to a 700, who knows? I don't :(
I'm not sure I want the cost of a 700, but I need to keep improving so maybe the 550 isn't enough heli. I give up.
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6 days
Sun, 31 May 2015
Mechanical on 550e Vx1n
Pretty bad weather all day, but there was a gap with sun and the wind letting up towards the evening. Had one decent flight with some of the harder style of Zone, and then another where I was trying power pullouts. Sort of like a rainbow, but at the end, don't reverse the collective. Keep it on and reverse the elevator to pull out. It takes a lot of power as the blades almost stall. I did a few of those and then the ESC died. Had to auto down behind the fence.
Battery, blades and canopy all dead. The rest doesn't look too bad, but no doubt the cyclic servos are bust, as well as a few links. Maybe it's time for better equipment.
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105 days
Sun, 15 Feb 2015
Dumb thumb on 550e VBar
Flew with Gary and Neale this morning. Very foggy. Was going great until I pounded the 550 into the ground. Was doing reversing piro flip circuits and just got a bit low. Almost saved it but skimmed the ground and rolled over. Looks a complete mess with the boom completely snapped off, skids somewhere else, canopy in pieces, might as well use it for spares.
172 flights
40 days
Mon, 5 Jan 2015
Mechanical on 550e Vx1n
I forgot the A machine at home, so used the one in the car. Got four decent flights out of it before the ESC desoldered itself again! That's the third time and I made damn sure my soldering was good last time. The connectors slide together very easily, perhaps that is generating heat. I'm just going to replace the whole ESC with a backup I have.
A few of the cyclic servos are stripped, but the rest of the heli looks OK.
285 flights
49 days
Mon, 17 Nov 2014
Dumb thumb on 550e Vx1n
8 Degrees and windy, but I was warm in my full winter setup. Had a great first flight, lots of piro wobbles, dahl wobbles, worm wobbles and practicing the chaos.
2nd flight didn't go too well when I thought it started raining and put the heli down too quickly. Killed the tail blades, vertical.fin and the front/back TT gears. I still give it 2 stars as the first flight was so enjoyable.
Finished off with a few flights on the Yak, bit too windy though.

80 flights
18 days
Thu, 30 Oct 2014
External influence on 550e VBar
Night crash! Thought I heard something behind me, and when I turned back I got the orientation wrong and it went in. I should been higher before I looked around, but I was crapping myself.
665 flights
101 days
Sun, 20 Jul 2014
Mechanical on 550e VBar
A nice afternoon, just Andy and Mike x 2 out. Was going really well and I came up with a nice new move, pull-through reversals. Suddenly just I lost it high up. I had partial control of the cyclic so it was one of those servos. Nothing I could do but hit hold and fight a little as it went down. Looks like a linkage ball worked its way out of a servo arm. A bit gutted as it was only repaired yesterday and flying so well. Not too unhappy though, a decent weekend's flying and Fast Lad had a sale running to get all the spares.
52 flights
7 days
Sat, 12 Jul 2014
Too low on 550e VBar
Set the heli up for night flying, did 2 short flights and almost lost it as it wasn't dark enough. Started flying in earnest after 10 and had an amazing time by myself until 3 others got their night kit out. Simply superb flying in the dark in t-shirt and shorts, the best flying day I've ever had. And it ended fittingly by being caught by the grass. Still worth it, very happy.
238 flights
28 days
Sat, 14 Jun 2014

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