Mon, 25 May 2015 07:20 07:20

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Gary Townsend

(1-3 mph) Light air

Goblin 700 Competition
2 flights
Avg. flight time 00:04:30

Fantastic :) After my previous session on Saturday when the Goblin 700 felt very strange indeed (It has continuously had many strange tendencies since the rebuild after the fire, but for some reason I just wasn't identifying them. Thank You Richard V for helping me see), I'm now as sure as I can be that the problem has completely gone away. Rather than babble on about what I've done, I've made a list below. Yippee Tu Bits :) All it needs now I think is perhaps some slight adjustments to the pre-comps, and various small gain adjustments for my various RPMs, but honestly compared to before, it doesn't really need them. What I mean is, I did some high speed passes, stall turns, slow piro flipping, 8 point tic-tocs, and a few elevator slappers, and besides a little bit of wobble whilst being aggressive with the collective during the tic-tocs (probably pre-comps and maybe gain adjustments might help here), it was solid, and didn't have any of the very strange tendencies it had before. Okay that was a bit of babble, here's my list:

1) Created a new model in the transmitter.
2) Did a brand-new setup on the VBar.

There that wasn't long was it. Now a bit more babbling.

I triple checked everything I could think of to check, including comparing all transmitter and VBar settings with my other models. Also I did some vibration checks, and all was fine.

What was it then. Well to me it seems likely there was a strange completely illogical undersigned behaviour occurring in terms of software (either the transmitter, VBar, or satellites). Another list is below :)

1) I'm guessing the most likely cause was the fact that I forgot to rebind the system after having removed the telemetry unit TM1000, since discovering it wasn't going to work compatibly with my setup (that's a whole other story). The TM1000 gets bound as a third device during binding, so perhaps having removed it without then rebinding, might have been the problem.

2) 2nd most likely cause. Loading in the previous model (from before the fire) from my PC (rather than starting from scratch) somehow managed to not work as it's supposed to, and the underlying data that gets transferred didn't transfer correctly, and was simply not visible from within the graphical interface we all use to do a setup. This seems a bit wacky to me though, but you never know.

3) 3rd and least likely cause. A software update to my DX9 somehow corrupted data within that model memory, perhaps messing with (but not completely stopping working) the communication to the satellites.

Anyway me and Clare are off to work shortly as we have a busy week.

Ta Ta for now :)


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