Sat, 2 Apr 2016 09:30 09:30

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Gary Townsend

(19-24 mph) Fresh breeze

Goblin 700 Competition
4 flights
Avg. flight time 00:04:30

Hadn't been to LMAC in about 9 to 10 months, I can't really remember how long. I decided to have a session there and say hello to everyone, but the weather forecast let me down since the rain (which wasn't even mentioned on XC, and on the BBC only barely suggested the day before) was pouring quite a bit. Understandably nobody was there, so I left after a few minutes and went to CMHC.

Started in the café having a good old natter. We spoke to Max about the basics of setting up a VBar on his new Trex 700, as he's never set up an FBL before. He even showed us the kit in the back of his car, so a few of us bowed down to it with respect to its existence.

At the field I just had 4 flights of the Goblin 700, which was nice, and it flew really well. I increased the agility slider on the VBar from 90 to 110, which has made a massive difference to how well I can do piro flips. This has also made me appreciate even more now that my control rates must not be too low.

Weather, raining for the 1st 20 minutes, then okay but cloudy. After a couple of hours the cloud cleared, but it remained pretty windy for the rest of the session.

Another session on for tomorrow, so I'd better not get too drunk.

Edit: I've been playing around with LogView Studio. It shows some of the flight data from my last flight today with the Goblin 700. The two photos each show two periods of me doing tic-tocs. One photo shows 4 parameters, and the other shows only the BEC current. The high current usage shown (not the average, but the maximums/peak) for the tic-tocs doesn't surprise me, but the very low BEC current does, which seems to peak at just over 6A and average around 2A according to the graphs, and this is during the tic-toc to the left in the graphs. The following thread (#37, #39, & #40) might identify why, brushless servos perhaps?

(Click on the images below, then click again, and you'll get a full size image)


RichardV on Sun, 3 Apr 2016 05:47
Yeah, it's a bit sad the LMAC stands empty on a Saturday. Jim and few others sometimes make it out around 2 o'clock, but otherwise it's usually empty.

The servo draw does sound a bit low, but not out of the norm. I think most BECs aim for 10 amp, 20 peak, so not far off. Nice graph, you big nerd. :)
Gary Townsend on Sun, 3 Apr 2016 11:50
Just looking at the Kosmik 200, and it still only has a 10 amp continuous BEC compared to the Talon 90 rated at 9 amp continuous.

The peak for the Kosmik 200 BEC is 30 amp, so similar really to the Talon 90 rated at 20 amp peak.

If some designs of servos draw 2 to 3 times more current than others, perhaps due to the different technologies such as brushless and coreless, then this might explain the low current draw. Besides, if the graph aint lying, then there we have it, an average of 2 amps draw during the tic tocs, using the BK BLS8002 HV servos.

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