Sun, 30 Oct 2016 10:30 10:30

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(4-7 mph) Light breeze

700e A
10 flights
Avg. flight time 00:05:00

Visited the Oxon Heli Collective today after getting an invite from Gary (gazmk2). Drove through early and hung around until Torsten arrived. Watched him fly a couple of flights with a misbehaving receiver before everyone else arrived. Met Bruce, whom I haven't seen in a while.
It's a small field with only one person flying at a time which is a different dynamic to my normal places. If you're not flying, you have to watch and socialise, but it's a friendly crowd.
Got to see the Neil flying the 700x. He's already worn out a set of tail gears, but you can see why when he makes the heli work for a living.
Stayed late with Bruce until it got too dark to fly any more. Drove home and watched some F1. Had a really nice day and very glad I went.

Finally broke 1,500 flights. I'm falling behind on my target of 2k for the year, unless I can something out the bag and do 500 flights in 2 months. Might have to take some leave 😀


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