Sat, 20 May 2017 08:30 08:30

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Gary Townsend

(13-18 mph) Moderate breeze

Blade 360 CFX
1 flights
Avg. flight time 00:04:30
Blade 450X
2 flights
Avg. flight time 00:04:30
Mikado Logo 550SX
2 flights
Avg. flight time 00:05:00

1st session in over a year but I can still fly 😃

The 450X what can I say, the same good little heli which is always a joy to fly. I flew this 1st just to warm up.

The Blade 360 CFX has loads of power, almost no bogging in tight tic tocs, and overall a great Maiden flight. Silly me, I forgot to Velcro the batteries before I left out, but thankfully Phil had a small piece which I used on one of my packs. It feels like almost double the power of the 450X when you bang the collective, very nice indeed and I'm very happy with it. I wasn't going to mention it but it's true that Horizon provide the same 2 blade foam support that pegs onto the boom as you get with the 450X, proper stupid considering this is a three bladed heli. Anyway I'm simply supporting the middle blade (when they're all folded back) out of the 3 by using one of the slots in the support, and then using a Mikado battery strap to gently tie them all together which actually works very well.

I finished with two flights on the Logo which was super smooth as always, which for that reason probably makes it my favourite, at least for now. I just changed the swash after noticing the last time I landed (spring last year) that the middle section was coming away from the outer swash body. Anyway all is good, but even though the old swash looked pretty dodgy I honestly couldn't tell any difference, it just flies great.

Next the rain came so we all packed up. Overall a very nice morning.


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