Sat, 26 Aug 2017 08:10 08:10

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Gary Townsend

(4-7 mph) Light breeze

Blade 130S
2 flights
Avg. flight time 00:03:30
Align Trex 150X
4 flights
Avg. flight time 00:03:30
Mikado Logo 550SX
3 flights
Avg. flight time 00:05:00
Goblin 700 Competition
2 flights
Avg. flight time 00:04:30

Wicked as we used to say.

I flew all morning with Mark and Andrew. I did as much flying as talking today, so I enjoyed quite a bit of each.

My Trex 150 can do quite tight tic tocs without bogging when at full rpm, significantly more so than the Blade 130S. Having said that, a moderate amount of collective management for either model is all that's needed to help smooth the flying. Perfect morning then for the little ones, especially the first 2 to 3 hours during which the wind was almost zero.

It was great to fly the Goblin 700 again for the first time in absolutely ages. I'm hoping to get stuck in with flying it much more often too. And the Logo 550SX, simply wonderful as always.


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