About rcheli.club


In a previous life I was an avid windsurfer. A common thing back then was to keep a log of all your sessions and have a counter in your forum signature that updated automatically. This site was developed with that in mind. Upload an image, select the statistics you want overlayed and embed the counter in your signature. Due to this feature never being used, it has been disabled.

Initially I added all sorts of complexity to sessions so that you could track cost, maintenance schedules and whatnot. After using the site myself and reading various forum user's opinions on logs, I ditched all that and made it as simple as possible to record sessions, so much so it's now very easy to update sessions from a mobile device while at the field.


One of the things that comes up on the forums regularly, are questions about moves and where to find a list of them. I couldn't find a definitive list, so I made a page for it. You can add moves, link to videos and make comments, so hopefully this list will keep growing. To make it more manageable, you can hide moves that aren't relevant, add moves to your own list and reorder them.


Another thing that crops up regularly on the forums are new pilots looking for local clubs. As clubs are inline with recording your sessions, it made sense to add them. Clubs can have a co-ordinates and will appear on the map, so it's really easy to find any close to you. You can make comments and rate clubs so that others can easily tell which local clubs are the most popular.

Open Data

For any software developers and forum owners, you'll be pleased to know that most of the information such as Clubs, etc. are available as feeds for you to use freely in your websites, forums, mashups, etc.

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