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Sun, 28 Feb 2016
Gary Townsend
0 flights
I've been practicing my all-time favourite move so far, reverse piro flipping. Okay yeah it's very repetitive and far less skilful than many of the much more complex manoeuvres that exist, but it suits me very nicely :) Simple, can be done fast, and ends in a crash :)

Edit: For me the smoothest playback by far is in Chrome. Also, there's more reversing towards the end.

Sun, 21 Feb 2016
Gary Townsend
0 flights
Continuing to make good progress on my right rudder piro flipping. But it's fascinating me, a lot, how my brain is adjusting to try and match my left rudder abilities to my right, but there's some way to go yet.

Having said that, I'm finding that practicing reversals at varying points of the flips/rotation, in either direction, is helping quite a bit, almost like the brain cells need input from both directions to somehow make ones mind flex for the better all-round.

On another note, I'll be testing my SK720 and GPS2 any day now :)
Sun, 24 Jan 2016
Gary Townsend
0 flights
This session I practiced left and right rudder piro flipping with reversals. I'm pleasantly surprised how fast I'm learning to do them.

My right rudder piro flipping has improved a lot (this is all sim though at the moment). I can now easily reverse from right rudder (weak side) to left rudder starting from an upright orientation and switching at various points of rotation during the 1st half flip to continue to an Inverted orientation . I can do the same starting from left rudder (strong side), but crash much more often.

I've had a little go at reversing during the 2nd half flip trying to continue to an upright orientation, but I need more practice.

Anyway a very enjoyable session and I'm getting right back into it :)

Sat, 19 Dec 2015
Gary Townsend
0 flights
A nice session on RF7. Had a few beers but they seem to be helping if anything. I was back to my previous sim level in an instant. I just need to get to the field. Clare had a fly and to be honest (and she won't be reading this) she needs a heck of a lot of practice :)
Thu, 15 Oct 2015
NabilA - Gonehelimad
8 flights
Continous Half piro flips training
seem to get the stringing together better.
keeping still In air getting better slightly
Tue, 29 Sep 2015
Gary Townsend
0 flights
My first flight in 5 weeks and it went pretty well. My sim skills seem to be more or less the same as they were the last time. Overall it was a nice session but my batteries went flat after 10 minutes. I just need to get to the field now, but we've still only got 1 car between us until Clare's new one arrives.
Mon, 31 Aug 2015
NabilA - Gonehelimad
2 flights
Inverted circles (Clockwise and anticlockwise)
Sun, 30 Aug 2015
NabilA - Gonehelimad
3 flights
Inverted hover training
inverted circuit
inverted fig 8s
8 point inverted hover left of field / right of field / centre of field
Sat, 29 Aug 2015
NabilA - Gonehelimad
17 flights
Thu, 13 Aug 2015
Gary Townsend
0 flights
My 1st proper go on the sim in a while and it was great fun practicing some stuff I was getting into several weeks ago.

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