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Michael "Shaggy" Parker

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3901-3971 Red Lion Road, Bear, DE.

Airplanes, Helicopters, Quadcopters.

HOD, Helis Over Delaware.

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Mon, 26 Jun 2017
Michael "Shaggy" Parker
3 flights
Two more great flights on the 420. One passed midnight, and the other before heading home. Thanks again, Alex Rose! Also, Josh from AMain let me fly his Crack Yak under the lights around 1:30AM.
Sat, 24 Jun 2017
Michael "Shaggy" Parker
6 flights
I had a much better day at HOD. Still had a few problems here and there but I was able to fix the short on my second 180 and I was able to maiden my new Goblin 420 Sport! I had a friend of mine help me set of the gyro but we didn't know how to set up the gov. Luckily, Alex Rose, Owner of MSH was there to save the day. He willingly donated a part of his flying time to sit down with me and not only help me set up my gov, but also go through the settings and checked them off. Also explain to me what the different parameters were on the MSH BRAIN. And after we were finished, I asked if he could spot for me and he agreed and also grabbed his heli. I maiden the heli with ease and after a few seconds of hovering, I was 3D'ing it with little adjustments needed. Throughout the day and into the next morning, Alex flew with me every flight I made on the 420. Thank you, Alex for your time and your support. I am sold on the MSH BRAIN and will be buying more in the future!
Fri, 23 Jun 2017
Michael "Shaggy" Parker
3 flights
I had a very bad day at HOD. Nothing was going right. My nitro clutch went out, one of my 180's ESC was shorting out, I blew up a brand new inverter. And to top it all off, that speed up gear was way too fast on the tail. Causing the heli to fly unstable and sounding really pissed off. I got too low in a full speed funnel and plowed it into the ground. I bent the boom almost 90 degrees without kinking it. It was a perfect bend. Tail shaft bent, broke one tail boom support rod, and that's all I found so far. Not a good day for me... :(

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