Oxon Helicopter Collective

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We are based in south Oxfordshire, most of our members live in and around Abingdon and Didcot.

Our flying field is near Millets Farm, on the A415 Abingdon to Witney road.

We are a pure Helicopter club, and welcome electric & Nitro Gas pilots.

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Sun, 10 Sep 2017
2 flights
Two rounds of F schedule of which I have never flown before. Managed the manoeuvres and finished the competition in 9th place which I was very pleased with given the quality of the pilots involved. Wind picked up in the afternoon before the 500 mile journey back home.
Sat, 9 Sep 2017
3 flights
Down to compete in the F3C Euro Heli series. Nice club and met some great people over the weekend. 3 P schedule flights done, first was ok, second good and third ok again.
Sun, 30 Oct 2016
10 flights
Visited the Oxon Heli Collective today after getting an invite from Gary (gazmk2). Drove through early and hung around until Torsten arrived. Watched him fly a couple of flights with a misbehaving receiver before everyone else arrived. Met Bruce, whom I haven't seen in a while.
It's a small field with only one person flying at a time which is a different dynamic to my normal places. If you're not flying, you have to watch and socialise, but it's a friendly crowd.
Got to see the Neil flying the 700x. He's already worn out a set of tail gears, but you can see why when he makes the heli work for a living.
Stayed late with Bruce until it got too dark to fly any more. Drove home and watched some F1. Had a really nice day and very glad I went.

Finally broke 1,500 flights. I'm falling behind on my target of 2k for the year, unless I can something out the bag and do 500 flights in 2 months. Might have to take some leave 😀

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