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Gary Townsend


SAB Heli Division

Goblin 700 Competition

10 flights, 0.75 hours flying time, 0 crashes

40 flights, 3.06 hours flying time, 0 crashes

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Sun, 19 Nov 2017 09:00
BMFA Buckminster
2 flights
Next year I'm going to adjust my talking VS flying ratio so that I have at least two flights per hour. That would have meant 14 flights today because I was there for 7 hours. There's no excuse for me other than great company and me failing to control my desire to talk. It's a wonderful flying site and I had plenty of opportunity to fly, perhaps even 3 to 4 flights an hour if I'd capitalised on the relatively low turnout no doubt due to the bitter cold weather, especially cold for the first couple of hours with ice still on the ground.

The conversations got interesting today and for a time we were talking about curries and flatulence. A very nice gentleman called Lee even provided us with numerous demonstrations; what a great heli pilot he is too :)

P.S. The 2nd flight attempt of my Logo didn't happen after it failed to spool up. It span a couple of times and then died, but I'm almost certain I remember the servos still operated as I carried it back to the bench to unplug and reboot. Anyway after plugging it back in, even the VBar didn't power up, no lights, simply nothing. So I guess it's most likely my Kontronik Jive that's stopped working, but I won't know until I've tested it of course.

Update: I've checked and the VBar works fine powered by a 4 cell battery. The ESC is completely dead, although it still does the sparking thing when first plugged in which is as expected, so why did it die after 3 to 4 years consisting of a few hundred flights, none particularly hard because it has a relatively gentle setup. If they can repair it for a decent price I'll get it fixed, otherwise I might consider another make. To test it I simply unplugged the lead from the ESC and connected the battery by using the two male plugs of a 'Y' lead, so it isn't a short circuit in the wiring.
Sat, 30 Sep 2017 09:00
BMFA Buckminster
5 flights
A long day at the BMFA Buckminster flying site today, my 1st ever session there.

It's a fantastic flying area with the sun directly to the back of you as you fly. The flight-line was busy, roughly equal numbers of planks and egg whisks, and socially it seemed to work perfectly with nonstop flying as we took it in turns, and some good chat as well.

I'm too tired to waffle on πŸ˜ƒ and I only had about 3 to 4 hours sleep last night, but even so I enjoyed flying a lot and was still able to concentrate pretty good. My only disappointment was my attempt at flipping circuits which I can do on the sim, and a bit at the field, but once flying into wind I couldn't keep it going, kind of not enough power it felt like, but also if the timing was just even slightly out whilst trying it into wind, it ballooned upwards very easily.
Sat, 2 Sep 2017 08:15
Central Model Helicopter Club
1 flights
A strange day for me really, so I'll rank it as below:

Social: 10 Cars in the parking bay of the flight line, loads of good chat, and a long 7 hour session finishing at about 4:00pm. Rating 5 Star.

Weather: Virtually no wind at all, sunny, warm, but not enough cloud to obscure the sun, which bothered me from about 12:00 to 14:00, the next two hours we faced the other way and it was getting increasingly better as the sun went around towards the back of us. Rating 4 star.

My Flying: There were moments when I felt very unsettled, struggling to concentrate well, and I don't know why, but it wasn't too much booze the night before because I was a good boy last night πŸ˜ƒ By the end of the session it was about half 😱 and half πŸ˜ƒ so just about okay. Rating 2 star.

So we have: (5 + 4 + 2) / 3 = 3.67 Star, hence my 4 stars given for the session.
Sat, 26 Aug 2017 08:10
Central Model Helicopter Club
2 flights
Wicked as we used to say.

I flew all morning with Mark and Andrew. I did as much flying as talking today, so I enjoyed quite a bit of each.

My Trex 150 can do quite tight tic tocs without bogging when at full rpm, significantly more so than the Blade 130S. Having said that, a moderate amount of collective management for either model is all that's needed to help smooth the flying. Perfect morning then for the little ones, especially the first 2 to 3 hours during which the wind was almost zero.

It was great to fly the Goblin 700 again for the first time in absolutely ages. I'm hoping to get stuck in with flying it much more often too. And the Logo 550SX, simply wonderful as always.
Sat, 2 Apr 2016 09:30
Central Model Helicopter Club
4 flights
Hadn't been to LMAC in about 9 to 10 months, I can't really remember how long. I decided to have a session there and say hello to everyone, but the weather forecast let me down since the rain (which wasn't even mentioned on XC, and on the BBC only barely suggested the day before) was pouring quite a bit. Understandably nobody was there, so I left after a few minutes and went to CMHC.

Started in the cafΓ© having a good old natter. We spoke to Max about the basics of setting up a VBar on his new Trex 700, as he's never set up an FBL before. He even showed us the kit in the back of his car, so a few of us bowed down to it with respect to its existence.

At the field I just had 4 flights of the Goblin 700, which was nice, and it flew really well. I increased the agility slider on the VBar from 90 to 110, which has made a massive difference to how well I can do piro flips. This has also made me appreciate even more now that my control rates must not be too low.

Weather, raining for the 1st 20 minutes, then okay but cloudy. After a couple of hours the cloud cleared, but it remained pretty windy for the rest of the session.

Another session on for tomorrow, so I'd better not get too drunk.

Edit: I've been playing around with LogView Studio. It shows some of the flight data from my last flight today with the Goblin 700. The two photos each show two periods of me doing tic-tocs. One photo shows 4 parameters, and the other shows only the BEC current. The high current usage shown (not the average, but the maximums/peak) for the tic-tocs doesn't surprise me, but the very low BEC current does, which seems to peak at just over 6A and average around 2A according to the graphs, and this is during the tic-toc to the left in the graphs. The following thread (#37, #39, & #40) might identify why, brushless servos perhaps? http://www.helifreak.com/showthread.php?t=734372&page=2

(Click on the images below, then click again, and you'll get a full size image)

Sat, 30 May 2015 07:45
Whitwick Flying Field
5 flights
Nice and sunny. It's flying very nice, and I'm getting to be very pleased with it. I've played with the cyclic gain, and it's now at 100. I got no obvious wobbling even up to 120, but as it gets below about 75 the sloppy unlocked-in feeling increases fast, so I'm leaving it at 100 for now. I've played with some of the other settings, but I won't go on :) I did some very fast high speed passes and generally was just testing the whole time. To me it's mostly about the gains, if they're not right, it's not good. On the other hand if they are right, all the other settings seem to be fine tuning in comparison.
Mon, 25 May 2015 07:20
Whitwick Flying Field
2 flights
Fantastic :) After my previous session on Saturday when the Goblin 700 felt very strange indeed (It has continuously had many strange tendencies since the rebuild after the fire, but for some reason I just wasn't identifying them. Thank You Richard V for helping me see), I'm now as sure as I can be that the problem has completely gone away. Rather than babble on about what I've done, I've made a list below. Yippee Tu Bits :) All it needs now I think is perhaps some slight adjustments to the pre-comps, and various small gain adjustments for my various RPMs, but honestly compared to before, it doesn't really need them. What I mean is, I did some high speed passes, stall turns, slow piro flipping, 8 point tic-tocs, and a few elevator slappers, and besides a little bit of wobble whilst being aggressive with the collective during the tic-tocs (probably pre-comps and maybe gain adjustments might help here), it was solid, and didn't have any of the very strange tendencies it had before. Okay that was a bit of babble, here's my list:

1) Created a new model in the transmitter.
2) Did a brand-new setup on the VBar.

There that wasn't long was it. Now a bit more babbling.

I triple checked everything I could think of to check, including comparing all transmitter and VBar settings with my other models. Also I did some vibration checks, and all was fine.

What was it then. Well to me it seems likely there was a strange completely illogical undersigned behaviour occurring in terms of software (either the transmitter, VBar, or satellites). Another list is below :)

1) I'm guessing the most likely cause was the fact that I forgot to rebind the system after having removed the telemetry unit TM1000, since discovering it wasn't going to work compatibly with my setup (that's a whole other story). The TM1000 gets bound as a third device during binding, so perhaps having removed it without then rebinding, might have been the problem.

2) 2nd most likely cause. Loading in the previous model (from before the fire) from my PC (rather than starting from scratch) somehow managed to not work as it's supposed to, and the underlying data that gets transferred didn't transfer correctly, and was simply not visible from within the graphical interface we all use to do a setup. This seems a bit wacky to me though, but you never know.

3) 3rd and least likely cause. A software update to my DX9 somehow corrupted data within that model memory, perhaps messing with (but not completely stopping working) the communication to the satellites.

Anyway me and Clare are off to work shortly as we have a busy week.

Ta Ta for now :)
Sat, 23 May 2015 08:55
Leicester Model Aero Club
3 flights
Started out with darkish cloud, but then it brightened up with the cloud thinning, low wind, and just warm enough, so overall very nice weather. Did a bit more practice on pirouetting rainbows, but I need lots more. I pulled off some half decent continuous quite high speed piro flipping during a couple of flights, but still really want to master the controlled slower aspect to it. So I'm rating my flying today as okay, but could do better. A significant discovery about my Goblin today made by Richard, after asking him to have a fly to see if he thought it felt weird, the answer was yes, very. So, I'll just describe the first moment of discovery. Quite simply after rotating at the top of a stall turn and pulling up as the heli is flying downwards, there is a very significant amount of left aileron occurring (or at least it’s flying as if its receiving left aileron input). Strange, the VBar doesn't correct it at all. Whatever the cause is, it's definitely affecting several aspects of flight, not just stall turns. I've tried very low, medium, and high cyclic gain, and the characteristic is still the same, so it's not that. I've checked all VBar settings and there's nothing wrong there, I'm pretty sure anyway. So I don't know what to do. I might take the VBar out of my 450 Dominator and put that in it and do a brand new set-up, but I really don't think that will make any difference. Richard mentioned something about mechanical/aerodynamic phasing (I think he said phasing, not sure) possibilities, so I'll Google that tomorrow. To conclude, if the Goblin was flying as it should be, it would have been at least a 4 star, possibly even a 5 star :)
Fri, 15 May 2015 10:05
Central Model Helicopter Club
2 flights
A great 1st flight (maiden) for Clare on her Goblin 570. It flew really well from the moment it lifted off the ground. No wobbles at all, and very smooth. She really liked it and was feeling quite comfortable hovering around covering some ground. One of the main blades was a little too loose after the first flight to be able to spool up again without it folding back, and I didn't have the Allen key, but although it was just one flight, it couldn't have gone any better.

My new 15 tooth pinion on the Logo is allowing me to govern the rpm at about 2300 with sufficient head room, but I was mostly flying at about 2250, and I will be doing a mixture of 2100 to 2300 in the long run I think. So I'm pleased with that. Flying wise I didn't really try anything interesting.

The Goblin 700 is no longer showing the significant cyclic wobbles it had last time, probably because I've lowered the cyclic gain from 90 down to 70, which is what it was set to before the rebuild, 70 that is. My head speeds are approximately 1850 Normal, ST1 1900, ST2 2050, and ST3 2150 (80% Throttle). There is some wobbling under approximately 2000 rpm (a bit of tail bobbing, and a bit of slow wag), which perhaps the gains might help (I'll have to set each VBar bank accordingly), or else taking the shims out of the head dampening. I managed to do some really quite good paint stirrers with it, as good as my sim efforts, and Clare was impressed :)

Overall quite a nice session. There's an event at CMHC next weekend and some of the glider pilots are starting to position their equipment from today, which will be in area Zone B. Two very nice gentlemen, one mowing the whole field and one setting up the perimeter, kindly came over and spoke with us, and we had a nice chat. They told us they would leave where we were flying until as late as possible to allow us to continue flying :) Dudes or what ;)

OH Yes, I forgot my sunglasses, which made it difficult on a bright day like today. So I'm off out to try some on so that I'll have a few pairs, some of which will live in my car B|
Sun, 10 May 2015 07:30
Central Model Helicopter Club
2 flights
Overall a very nice session. The weather was great at first, then 20 minutes later when Ewan turned up it got quite windy and there was thick dark cloud affecting the visibility. Then an hour later Mr Bird arrived and the cloud cleared, but the wind remained, and it gradually got stronger for the remainder of the session. The Goblin is back in the air. I need to have a play around with the cyclic gain I think (perhaps I need to lower it, it's at 90 at the moment), I'll research some setups later, but I managed some high speed tic-tocs and some low speed gentle ones during my nervous first two flights since the rebuild due to the fire. I started practicing a new move (stolen from Richard) on the Logo, one which I thought would be suitable for me when it's very windy. It's quite simple, but a challenge for me to do very well formed and in position. Basically it's just an elevator rainbow with a 180 degree aileron rotation as the heli flies over the top, flying from left to right and right to left. I didn't have the bottle to try the pirouetting rainbows yet, maybe next time.
Fri, 30 Jan 2015 08:45
Whitwick Flying Field
4 flights
I've still hardly flown this model, and I'm really looking forward to my next session with it. One thing for definite is that when trying to do gentle continuous forward flips, it wobbles of track more than just my inability to make the corrections, or my tendency to accidentally move the sticks a little. In general though it was very nice to fly, especially flights 2 and 3 where I felt myself gaining confidence. I think the cyclic rates need increasing slightly to match the Logo, and I'm going to try increasing the cyclic gain to see if it stops it wobbling off track on the slow forward flips. I haven't experimented much with gain settings before, but I'm suspecting what I'm describing might be what some people refer to as being not very locked in.

Fri, 3 Oct 2014 10:50
Leicester Model Aero Club
3 flights
Quite windy today and at times thick cloud, but I had to have another play around with the Goblin. Anyway after setting my VBar banks to the same switch as my Idle up switch and choosing appropriate gains for the different rpms, I felt much more comfortable with it. Today is the first time it's got me feeling excited instead of nervous, apart from flight 1 which was perhaps not helped by the beer last night. During flight 3 I tried some elevator tick-tocks and was amazed how smooth and stable they felt. Also I was pleasantly surprised to find how little collective I needed to stop it dropping, whereas on my 550 helis they definitely need more. My Kosmik 160 is set to 65% in stunt 1 and 75% in stunt 2. I haven't checked the rpms with my tachometer yet, but although there's a little bit of wobbling at 65% it's completely gone at 75%. I'll try it a 70 next time, but 75 feels like a nice head speed to fly it at. I guess with more flights and tweaks made to the lower head speeds the small amount of wobbling might reduce, but I'm very happy with it as it is so far. So all is looking great with my Goblin and I'm really looking forward to my next flight with it :) Clare had 1 buddy flight on the 450x today in the strong wind and she seemed totally comfortable with it.
Thu, 2 Oct 2014 10:20
Leicester Model Aero Club
2 flights
In addition to me flying today I buddied Clare (my other half for those who don't know) for 3 flights on the 450x and 1 flight on the 130x. Clare's flying was very good today. She's now hovering tail in moving left and right with some precision, turning it sideways on, holding the hover pretty much in position, and then slowly flying forwards to the right, stopping and then back to tail in, and then flying back in front of us. I'm not totally happy yet with the Goblin. It's probably mostly that I need to get used to it, but also it doesn't feel as perfectly stable as my Logo 550sx does. The weather was fantastic today and it got very busy by midday, so I could do with a long but not busy day and loads of flights on the Goblin, playing around with all the settings.
Fri, 26 Sep 2014 13:45
Leicester Model Aero Club
3 flights
Finally had my first flights with the Goblin 700 Comp. The tail gain was too high at first, but reducing it completely stopped any wag. There's still a slight elevator wobble but nothing major, so it just needs some more setting up. Overall a good first 3 flights, with me starting to feel slightly aggressive by flight 3 :) Being totally honest though I was proper nervous during flight 1 as I was fully expecting to be, but I'm extremely happy to have had my first few flights with it.


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