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Piro Pogo

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The manoeuvre will begin and end in a stationary upright pirouetting hover in front of the judges. The helicopter will perform a 20m pirouetting climb, followed by a 1/2 piro flip to inverted at the top of the climb followed immediately by a 20m inverted pirouetting descent returning to the start position . At the bottom, the helicopter will immediately, perform a 20m inverted pirouetting climb, followed by a 1/2 piro flip to upright at the top of the climb a 20m upright pirouetting descent back to the start position. At this point, the entire sequence is repeated. The judges are looking for a fast and consistent pirouette speed (at least 1 pirouette per second), consistent reversal points, a seamless flow throughout the manoeuvre without hesitations and vertical climbs and descents.

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