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Model will perform two diamonds offset by 90 degrees to each other. The idea being to describe the corners of a cube which is stood up on one corner. The first diamond will be described using elevator, while the second diamond will be described using aileron. The model should always be side-on throughout the manoeuvre. Begin by hovering on the centreline at a reasonable distance away to allow for the second diamond (which will be performed straight down the centreline – i.e. towards and away from the pilot). The first diamond is an elevator diamond, performed left to right (or right to left as is your preference), which should end at the starting position, and then continue by performing an aileron diamond along the judges centreline. The direction of flight is not important (forwards or backwards around either diamond) but both diamonds must describe an upended square, and the top and bottom points of both diamonds must hit the same point. Good shape is key here. Model exits the manoeuvre in a controlled hover at the starting point.

3D Championship

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