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Crown Prince

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Model will perform 9 (nine) mini stall turns around a horizontal circuit. The start and end point of the circuit should be in front of the pilot, meaning the first and last mini stall turn will be performed at that location. Each quarter of the circuit should contain two peaks. Thinking of this as a clockface, one peak will be at 6:00, the next at 4:30, the third at 3:00 and so on. At the first peak (6:00 on the clock face, closest to the pilot), the model should perform an aileron roll. At the second peak (4:30 clockface) the model should perform a half pirouette (model pirouettes 180 degrees), at the third peak (3:00 clockface) the model should roll again, etc. The manoeuvre finishes with the ninth peak overlaid on the position of the first, and is a roll. Model exits the manoeuvre in upright forward flight. The manoeuvre should be symmetrical about the centreline, and each peak should attain a consistent height, with uniform roll rates and pirouette speeds where appropriate.

3D Championship / Advanced

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