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Model enters in upright flight, performs a quarter pirouette and starts a funnel with the tail pointing to the centre. During the funnel the radius of the circular flight path decreases and the declination of the rotor disc increases, so the path becomes a spiral. After 720° (2 spiral shaped “circles”) the declination should be about 60°. Then a smaller half funnel follows where the declination of the rotor disc becomes vertical when the model crosses the imaginary centre point of the funnel spiral. When model crosses this point it performs a half pirouette and immediately continues with a small half nose down inverted funnel (the flight path has the shape of an S here when viewed from above), followed by two inverted funnels (the nose now pointing to the circle centre) with increasing radius (and decreasing declination of the rotor disc) and exits the manoeuvre in inverted flight in the same direction but in a different distance as the entry.
During the manoeuvre the height of the flight path must be changed symmetrical to the point where the model crosses the centre point, i.e. it may climb during the first 2 1/2 funnels and decline during the second 2 ½ by the same amount.

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