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Time Machine

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A clockwise skids-out Big Ben followed by anticlockwise skids-in Big Ben. The manoeuvre is entered from a low stationary nose-out hover. The helicopter will immediately be presented directly in front of the judges’ eye-line with its nose vertical. The helicopter will then be made to rotate yawing clockwise prescribing the 12 points of a clock-face skids out (skids facing away from the pilot and judges), each point defined by a ‘tick’ of the metronome. At the 12 o’clock metronome the helicopter will be made to half roll on the spot and then the clock-face will again be described this time anticlockwise as viewed by the Judges, using skids-in metronomes. Upon reaching 12 o’clock the helicopter will return to a stationary nose-in hover in the same position the manoeuvre began.

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