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TicToc Smile

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MA hovers parallel to the judges line at least 5m aside with the nose pointing to the center line. MA then performs a quarter roll and immediately starts a half tic-toc loop downwards (the lower lip) with the rotordisc pointing to the judges and the nose always pointing to the center of the circle. When MA passes the center line, tail boom must point downwards.
After the half tic-toc loop is completed MA immediately performs a half elevator flip (either direction) to knife edge with the skids now pointing to the judges. MA now moves back to the starting point of the maneuver by performing a part (about 1/3) of a tic-toc loop (the upper lip) with the tail boom always pointing to the center of the circle. When it now crosses the center line the nose must point downwards and MA is approx. 2-3m higher than in the first part.
When MA returns to the start position it performs a quarter roll to upright hovering and finishes the manoeuvre in the same position but opposite direction as at the beginning.



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